Hygiene & Health features for showers and clean bath

Most of us remain ignorant of the fact that our showers which we use to wash ourselves can lead to many illnesses.

Once the shower is shut off in a normal hand shower set the water remains trapped between the shower head and the hose. The limescale and biofilm in the water along with the trapped water becomes the breeding environment of harmful bacteria.

The build-up of Limescale provides Legionella bacteria with the nutrients, to grow. This bacterium is the leading cause of Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever. Some of the medical conditions related to shower head bacteria contamination are :

  1. pneumonia,
  2. Skin irritation,
  3. mental confusion,
  4. ear and eye infections,
  5. Scalp dryness and Itching,
  6. chills, muscle pains, headache,
  7. cough, high temperature, feverishness,
  8. linked to digestive conditions including Crohn’s disease.

The below illustration highlights one of the key features of the system. The air intake port serves its secondary function of acting as the drain port as well.

ecoturbino shower function

Once the shower is shut off due to gravity the remaining water automatically drains, the water from the shower head and hose. This draining feature keeps the shower system dray thus limiting the environment for the harmful bacterium build-up.

We offer our full set which includes a German-made Antibacterial hose which is made from high-grade rubber and is free from plastic mixes, commonly used in almost all shower hoses.

A small adapter with the magic for big things!
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ecoturbino carries a 10 Year Warranty!

ecoturbino performance test

The below diagram shows the Test made in the TUV testing laboratory in Austria to illustrate the no loss of water jet intensity.

This test was made at a standard height of the hand shower positioned 1 meter from the water intake position.

Blue line shows that the flow force of the water with and without the ecoturbino is not compromised or unaffected.

Red line shows other water-saving devices or handsets that reduce the flow intensity thus reducing the shower experience.

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