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Water consumption directly impacts our energy consumption and costs associated with waste water treatment.

When we use less water, we reduce the energy needed to pump, treat, heat or cool the water. Water conservation also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions emitted from energy

What methods or initiatives have you come across that effectively promote water conservation?

┬áConsumptions & Costs ÔÇô┬áIt is important to understand on average how much water and energy a household of 4 persons consumes, for bathing, cleaning and in kitchens per year.

Household (Annual use)

Water & Sewage in Liters

Shower: 165,000
Toilet wash sink : 40,000
Kitchen Sink for dishwashing:  70,000
Total liters: 275,000
Cubic m┬│( 1000 liters): 275

Based on the average tariff of ÔéČ2.20/m┬│ for water and sewage in the GCC, the annual cost of a household is ÔéČ600.


For 260 cum┬│ the energy required for cooling and heating of water is estimated to be 15,500 kWh. The average electricity tariff in the GCC of ÔéČ0.07/kWh, and the annual electricity.

  • Cost for cooling and heating is ÔéČ1000.
  • Total yearly billing of water and energy for a household: ÔéČ1600

Carbon Emissions

The amount of CO2 emitted into the environment to produce the above energy is 4 tons.

Hotels, Residential Complexes, Gyms and Salons

The consumption of hotels, residential complexes, and gyms would be much higher compared to a household.

Use our ÔÇťSavings CalculatorsÔÇŁ to estimate your savings with the ecoturbino systems.

Save & Earn with ecoturbino

The ecoturbino systems offer up to 40% savings on personal use, water consumption and their related cost of tariffs, energy and carbon emissions.

The payback from the savings by using the ecoturbino systems is estimated to be as early as 6 months.

By using the ecoturbino systems you also make your contribution to the environment through a reduction in carbon emissions.

A small adapter with the magic for big things!

ecoturbino carries a 10 Year Warranty!

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