Shipping costs will be the local courier service fees and will be added to the final invoice, to ship directly to your door. Please Contact us if you have any further questions.

We ship daily from Saturday to Thursday, with the exception of holidays.

After packaging and preparing the order for shipment, we send a "Completed" email to the email address provided during the order. This email, besides the order details, also includes the tracking link for package tracking as well as the invoice in PDF format.

Make sure you check your SPAM folder for our emails!

Time for opening hours for ecoturbino® is 24/7 as an online store and therefore doesn't have a traditional retail shop with set opening hours.

The customer determines the time of order placed in the shop. As a result, there is no possibility for personal pickup of an order at the moment.

Please also specify the different delivery address when ordering. The comment field for the order on the checkout page serves as an opportunity to print a personal message on the delivery note and the invoice. The package contains only the delivery note with this message printed on it. We will send the invoice by email.

Delivery to countries outside the EU is an exception. Here we are obliged to also enclose an invoice for reasons of customs clearance.

Fraud on the Internet by fake shops can be seen again and again in the media. To counteract marketing and to make a profit from this unfortunate situation, resourceful companies had the idea of ​​a trusted seal. This seal confirms to the buyer that the shop is trustworthy and secure. This registration for this seal is complex and very expensive for the companies.

Is there an alternative to the expensive Trusted seal. Something even better for the customer?

Yes, there is. The best and safest method is called "Purchase on Account". First, receive the goods, check the goods, and then pay. This makes any seal unnecessary and obsolete. In the interest of transparency, the customer simply always comes first with us. You're welcome!

The entire visit to the online store takes place fully encrypted. We use a very secure 2048-bit encryption for this. Personal payment data, such as credit card numbers, are fundamentally not stored. Therefore, it's also not possible to access this information even with legal means; we forward any legal inquiries to the respective payment method chosen by the customer. 

Payment by your local debit or credit card is the preferred method.

Bahrain: Benefit Pay is available.

Kuwait: Link Payment is available  

We continuously develop and invest in a modern shop system to enable the simplest possible ordering on all devices. In exceptional cases, there is still the option to order via email or phone.

In order to operate this manual service at cost, we charge a service fee of €10 per order. Additionally, bank transfer is the only available payment method as an advance payment.

Value added tax will be added on invoice for the current country we ship to within the GCC.

We send the invoice as a PDF file together with the final e-mail including the tracking link for package tracking. We only enclose a delivery note or packing list with the package itself.

In principle, within five day of receiving the order and without giving any reason, there is the possibility to revoke the order by returning it. However, some products in our range are excluded from this right of withdrawal.


Our entire product range consists of specialized products and is not comparable to off-the-shelf mass-produced goods. Many of these products also require consultation for correct application to achieve maximum performance.

We have very few returns. Yet, through inquiries about returns, we've realized that these revocations often arise purely from incorrect application or misinterpretation of the product.

Therefore, we strongly recommend (also to prevent the costs of unnecessary returns) to seek advice on the correct application of the product before returning it; e.g., using a mobile phone as a control/measuring device, incorrect evaluation of a dB measurement curve for shielding attenuation, etc.