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Instructions on how to use calculator | Calculate your Savings

1. Usage

Select the Private icon for an Apartment or House and the Commercial icon for a hotel or residential complex.

Calculation for: Please select showers and sinks.

Currency: Select your currency Euro, AED, BHD, KWD, OMR, QAR and SAR

2. Shower

Amount: Select the number of Showers in the facility. For example, house of 2-bedroom apartment with 2 toilets insert 2. For Hotels, each room has only 1 toilet, insert 1

Workload: For Homes, please insert the percentage as per your absence during travels. We normally calculate 90%.

For Hotels, please insert the percentage for the facility’s yearly occupancy rate.

Persons/ Shower: Insert Number based on the number of residents that will use each Toilet.

Shower Time: Insert the number of minutes each resident uses the shower. On average the use time of a shower is 9 minutes.

Utilization Factor: Insert the number of times a shower is used, in the GCC we generally estimate 1.5 times.

Water Flow: The average water flow rate of water per minute is 12 litres per minute.

Savings: The system automatically inserts 40%.

Unit price: The system adds the cost of the ecoturbino adaptor, based on which cost savings of water and electricity are calculated.

3. Sink

Amount: Insert the same number used for the showers to factor in the number of wash-sinks. 1 wash sink per toilet.

Workload: Insert the same percentage used in the shower.

Persons/ Sink: Number of people using each toilet.

Uptime per use: This is the use time per use which is estimated to be on average 0.5 minutes.

Water Flow: The average water flow rate of water per minute is 12 litres per minute.

Unit Price: The system adds the cost of the ecoturbino aerator, based on which cost savings of water and electricity are calculated.

4. Cost:

This section covers the cost of water and electricity in your country of residence. If needed refer to the tariffs of your country of residence provided below.

Heating & Cooling: This section of the calculator estimates the total savings of electricity in kilowatt-hours used for cooling or heating water.

Electricity Price: Insert the electricity tariff in (fils, baisa, halalah, riyal, dirham) per kilo-watt-hours used for cooling and heating of water. Please refer to the below tariff per kWh tariff.

Country Unit/kwh Local Currency Euro ÔéČ
Kuwait:  Fils 04 0.012
Bahrain: Fils  29 0.071
Oman: Baisa 32 0.079
Qatar: Riyal 15 0.037
KSA: Halalah 24 0.044
UAE: Dirham 30 0.095

Cold Water: Insert the water and sewage tariff in (fils, baisa, halalah, riyal, dirham) per kilo-watthours used for cooling and heating of water. Please refer to the below tariff per Cubic Meter(Liters).

Country Unit/Cu m┬│┬á Local Currency Euro ÔéČ
Kuwait:  Fils 435 1.30
Bahrain: Fils  750 1.83
Oman: Baisa 925 2.22
Qatar: Riyal 5.0 1.26
KSA: Halalah 9.0 2.22
UAE: Dirham 9.1 2.25

Sewage: Insert 0
Extra Cost: Insert 0
Co2: Insert 0

Once you have inserted the information the system automatically calculates and displays:

  1. Your yearly savings in value are calculated based on the collective reduction of water, sewage and electricity.
  2. One-off acquisition costs of the ecoturbino water-saving adaptors and aerators. This does not include the cost of shower heads, rain showers and hoses offered by Ecoturbino.
  3. The time duration in months in which the Ecoturbino® pays
  4. Annual savings of water in m┬│
  5. Annual saving of electricity in kWh
  6. Annual reduction of Carbon emissions in tons.

The energy efficiency has been confirmed by T├ťV Austria.

More and more users save money without losing comfort

Free Water Measuring bag to Calculate Your Savings

With the following 3 steps, you will determine your personal water consumption while showering. Have the measuring bag and a stopwatch (phone app) ready!

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ecoturbino® ET10L Water-Saving Shower Adapter | Save Water and Energy (Gas, Electricity) | Reduce Costs by up to 40% when Showering + Emptying the Shower Head | weiss. Feedimage.
  • Continuous emptying of standing water in the shower hose: Standing water in the hose is drained out after a refreshing shower through the open port in the ecoturbino. This actively prevents limescale buildup in the showerhead and shower hose.
  • Maximum reduction of Legionella and other Bacteria: Due to the emptied showerhead and hose, there’s a greatly reduced chance of harmful legionella forming. Bacteria, Germs and the typical biofilm on the showerhead are prevented. This was a significant reason why ecoturbino received the approval for use in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. (healthcare sector).
  • Turbulent water flow from turbine in the shower hose ensures hygiene: The continuous production of turbulent water-air mixture in the hose and showerhead cleans these parts from the inside during each shower. This greatly enhances hygiene and reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum.

Intelligently Reducing Shower Costs | Not just reducing water flow, resulting in poor performance and shower quality!

Where conventional water-saving shower-heads hit problematic limits due to pure water reduction, causing reduced shower pleasure (less water!), calcification, and hygiene issues – that’s where ecoturbino starts to show its power, or in other words, begins to flex its muscles.

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