Ecoturbino Water Saving Systems

With our original technology, we have the optimal solution – a small turbine, which can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, generates a highly turbulent water-air mixture, which saves up to 50 per cent water, energy and costs – without reducing the shower jet intensity.

Performance principle

The below diagram illustrates the operating principle.

  1. Water: This shows the water intake port.
  2. Air: The air intake port is the point from air drawn in.
  3. Mixing point:
    I. The central chamber is where the water(60%) and air (40%) are mixed.
    II. The flow dynamics of the mixture drive the turbine to release the mixture from the outlet port at a higher intensity.
Operation principle

ecoturbino adaptor is made from high-grade non-corrosive metals to ensure that the elements within the water do not lead to corrosion over time which may compromise the performance of the system and could also create a risk of contamination of the water.

A small adapter with the magic for big things!
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ecoturbino carries a 10 Year Warranty!

ecoturbino performance test

The below diagram shows the Test made in the TUV testing laboratory in Austria to illustrate the no loss of water jet intensity.

This test was made at a standard height of the hand shower positioned 1 meter from the water intake position.

Blue line shows that the flow force of the water with and without the ecoturbino is not compromised or unaffected.

Red line shows other water-saving devices or handsets that reduce the flow intensity thus reducing the shower experience.

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40 percent reduction*

Save over ÔéČ220 annually | per household

40% less water + 40% less cost + virtually eliminating limescale + more hygiene

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Shower comparison with and without ecoturbino