ecoturbino® Shower Adapter with 40% Reduction | Wisely cut water use and costs + Maintaining Shower comfort | €110 per person or €440/year for a 4-person household

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ecoturbino® | THE INNOVATIVE SHOWER ADAPTER FOR WATER COST SAVINGS. Optimize your water consumption and noticeably reduce your ENERGY COSTS (Electricity, Gas,…).

The ecoturbino shower adapter goes beyond just showering. It minimizes standing water in the shower hose, preventing lime scale deposits, bacteria and other germ formation like Legionella and biofilm. This means no maintenance or cleaning resulting in increased hygiene. But the best part? A reduction of your water costs by up to 40 percent. At the same time, you benefit from an ecological reduction in water consumption and wastewater volume.

Did you know that about a third of total water consumption in private households, hotels, and sports facilities is caused by showering and personal care? Imagine the immense savings if you could reduce water costs, wastewater costs, and the energy costs for heating/cooling the water in this area.

ecoturbino is affordable and immediately reduces your water costs – without any compromises!

  • An average saving of €110 or more per person per year, which means, by extrapolation,
  • €220 average savings per household annually, or
  • €440 cost reduction for a 4-person household per year.
A small adapter with the magic for big things!
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ecoturbino® | far from just a typical water reducer

The patented ecoturbino® is truly a solution for a genuine shower pleasure with a 40% TÜV-certified cost reduction. A special turbine design inside creates a highly turbulent water/air mixture.

ecoturbino | when technology simply works

The patented ecoturbino® has been certified by independent experts and TÜV AUSTRIA and awarded the Austrian Eco-Label and Energy Globe Upper Austria. A medical hygiene report confirms that the ecoturbino® meets the high requirements for use in healthcare facilities (hospital, nursing home, etc.).

ecoturbino® in detail

ecoturbino® | frequently ordered and often recommended

Single Adapter

4 Colors + 1 Deluxe Model

ecoturbino® ET10L Water-saving Shower Adapter | Save water and energy (electricity) | Reduce costs by up to 40% when showering + emptying the shower head | Feedimage

€ 59,90

up to 15% quantity discount!

Buy To model DELUXE

Deluxe Savings Set

Adapter + Hose + Showerhead

ecoturbino® deluxe shower set 10 Legio | ET10L water-saving adapter + shower hose + DESIGN shower head | silver. Feedimage.

€ 95,90

up to 15% quantity discount!

Buy To model BLACK

Overhead Shower

Adapter + Showerhead + Accessories

ecoturbino® Overhead Shower - Rain Shower SET Legio | ET10L Water-Saving Adapter + Overhead Shower Head. Feedimage.

€ 89,90

up to 15% quantity discount!


ecoturbino® | versatile + effective

*Medical Report on ecoturbino® dated 24.07.2022: "Meets the necessary hygiene standards for use in healthcare facilities (hospital, nursing home, etc.). The retrofitting of the ecoturbino® hand shower set is recommended."

… when an ultra-sustainable idea truly impresses!

Johannesbad Therme

Therme, Bad Füssing

ISAR Klinikum


Reference fitness studio Injoy Linz


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