• The primary advantage is that the ecoturbino can help save on water and energy costs, especially for heating/cooling water.
  • Additionally, it offers a hygiene benefit. The strong turbulence of the water cleans the shower hose and shower head, preventing the buildup of biofilm, limescale, dirt, and other residues which harbor bacteria such as Legionella.
  • This, in turn, extends the life of both the hose and shower head.
  • The ecoturbino adapter, when fitted properly before the shower hose, reduces water consumption up to 40%. Depending on the costs of water, sewage, and energy for hot water, a household can expect annual savings of about €110 per person. For a two-person household, the savings can exceed €220 every year, and over €400 for a household of four.
  • For commercial use, such as a hotel, swimming pool, or spa with 100 rooms or showers, the story is different. Annual savings can easily surpass €10,000. Or consider a gym with continuous usage throughout the day – savings can quickly reach several thousand euros annually.
  • This means the payback period is just months, always less than a year.
  • Energy savings in the building sector are often viewed as a pivotal step towards achieving climate goals and addressing energy challenges. Although savings have already been made through improved insulation and more efficient heating systems, the near-constant energy demand for hot/cold water is becoming increasingly central to discussions. It’s important to recognize that the energy savings potential in heating/cooling drinking water is limited by statutory health protection measures. Significant energy savings, which also pose no health risks, can best be achieved by a comprehensive redesign and refurbishment of existing drinking water systems. We are happy to provide you with the relevant publications on this topic. These documents are freely accessible and can be shared.

    Type of Outlet Liter output (l/min) Practical Liter output (l/min)
    Washbasin 4.2 (Standard) 8 – 10
    Shower 9 (Standard), 6 possible 12 – 18
    Toilet per flush 3 and 6 (Economy version) 6 and 9

    Shower with ecoturbino®: 7 liters/minute
    Wash basin sink insert from ecoturbino®: 5 liters/minute

    CONCLUSION: ecoturbino meets all DVGW recommendations!

  • Further information on the DVGW website
  • To easily verify the savings yourself, you can perform the “Volume Test” using the free measuring bag.
    Step 1: Fill the bag for 10 seconds with water at full flow using a regular shower hose, then read the water level.
    Step 2: Next, install the ecoturbino before the shower hose. Fill the bag again for 10 seconds and compare the water levels.
    Step 3: As a result, the significant savings or the difference in water flow per minute becomes immediately visible.
  • We also had the savings certified by TÜV Austria, which confirmed these findings.
  • Not at all. The ecoturbino actually enhances hygienic standards through its cleaning effect.
  • It allows for complete emptying of the shower head and partial emptying of the shower hose, significantly reducing the risk of germ formation in both the hose and shower head.
  • Furthermore, we had the product tested by a Hygiene Institute for its impact on biofilm and legionella formation. It confirmed that the ecoturbino has no adverse effects.
  • The ecoturbino has no limitations regarding its lifespan. Due to the intense water vortex created, there are no deposits formed within the ecoturbino itself. Thanks to the materials used, there’s no wear and tear that might affect the device’s lifespan. We Guarantee the product for 10 years.
  • The hand shower set includes a high-quality shower hose and shower head made in Germany. The products meet the stringent DVGW requirements in Germany.The lifespan of these components varies considerably depending on usage, shower frequency, and water quality, as is the case with all standard shower sets. Therefore, no warranty can be provided beyond the standard warranty period.

The ecoturbino can still be used. It is compatible with all standard shower hoses or shower heads that have a ½ inch thread connection.

  • Due to the strong water vortex within the ecoturbino, no limescale or other deposits form. Therefore, it’s not necessary to regularly dismantle or clean the ecoturbino to maintain its functionality.
  • For most shower hoses, there are typically no restrictions as the standard connection is ½ inch. For smaller connections, however, an appropriate adapter (3/8 to ½ inch) must be used.
  • In rare cases, water may leak from the air hole in the ecoturbino. This usually indicates that a water-saving shower-head is being used. We recommend replacing it to achieve full benefit of the ecoturbino.
  • It’s generally important to ensure, when retrofitting the ecoturbino, that any existing screens in the hose or shower-head are removed before use.

Each ecoturbino comes with a detailed installation guide. It’s important to note that:

  • For hand showers, the ecoturbino is installed directly at the fitting before the shower hose.
  • For overhead showers, the ecoturbino is mounted directly behind the shower-head.

No, this shouldn’t be happening. Please consider the following points:

  • Check if you are unknowingly using a water-saving shower head. Using ecoturbino in conjunction with a water-saving shower head can directly lead to technical malfunctions and also impair the showering experience.
  • Ensure that the sieve/screen or reduction device embedded in the shower head has been removed.
  • Determine if the water pressure is low, before the installation of the ecoturbino ensure that there is a flow rate of 8 liters per minute or more.
  • Use the included original seals (green).
  • Check if the shower head might be calcified, as this can also lead to back-pressure effect of the accelerated water stream. If so, please descale or replace with a new shower head.
  • As a test, insert the second green sealing ring in addition to the sealing ring inserted in the ecoturbino. This enlarges the “anteroom” in the ecoturbino and could prevent this water leak.
  • If the problem persists, we recommend contacting us to discuss further options.
  • Usually, using the ecoturbino water-saving system does not result in a loss of showering sensation.
  • If the shower is not strong enough, it may indicate that the water pressure in the system is too low, and there is an inherent flow rate of less than 8 liters per minute available.
  • This can occur, in buildings with low water pressure or heavily calcified pipes. Especially in the upper floors of multi-story buildings, this problem can arise. Under such conditions, we recommend contacting us to discuss the possibilities before placing an order, we have a solution for this.